600 Individuals
receive direct services every month.
2,000 Community Members
Impacted via community
education & events monthly


Corazón Community Services mission is to improve the quality of life for children, youth and families through holistic social services offered in a culturally sensitive environment.

Gang-Related Shootings & Homicides

2007:  26 Shootings
6 Homicides
2011:   10 Shootings
0 Homicides
2013:   7 Shootings
1 Homicide

*During 2013, Cicero Cease Fire mediated 39 gang conflicts and provided mentoring to 200 high-risk clients. 

Pregnancies @ Morton East H.S.
2008-2009: 120
2009-2010: 91
2010-2011: 75
2011-2012: 54
2012-2013: 52
2013-2014: 49
2014-2015: 47
*Corazon started implementing Sexual Health initiatives in 2009-2010 school year which was the first year in over a decade that MEHS was under a hundred pregnancies 

Read more about the budget cuts and the impact Corazon has made in Cicero and what you can do to help us HERE!


Check out our Former Executive Director Mary Johnson, and our Director of Safety and Violence Prevention Ismael Vargas Jr, on various news outlets talking about the budget cuts and how it will affect our community, and asking Governor Rauner to restore our funding.